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Learn the innovation process with our innovation training workshops and masterclasses across Australia & New Zealand, delivered by 2thinknow.

Australia & New Zealand Innovation Workshops

This training is available in team training workshops and masterclasses in cities across Australia & New Zealand, including:

City Country
Melbourne Australia
Sydney Australia
Brisbane Australia
Perth Australia
Canberra Australia
Adelaide Australia
Gold Coast Australia
Geelong Australia
Ballarat Australia
Bendigo Australia
Hobart Australia
Newcastle Australia
Wollongong Australia
Auckland New Zealand
Wellington New Zealand
Queenstown New Zealand
Christchurch New Zealand

All regional and other locations on request. Includes surrounding towns and suburbs.

The Innovation Course ™ offers your organization training in the innovation process. This practical training focuses on implementing your ideas as innovation successfully inside organizations, and is based on a large number of case studies and group activities. The training is delivered to your team at a group price.

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Need Something Else?

Training workshops and masterclasses can be tailored to local and industry case studies, with regional, local and global case studies able to be integrated into each course. View the full list of 31 industry and community segments available here.