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Learn the innovation process with our innovation training workshops and masterclasses in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, South Korea and across Asia, delivered by 2thinknow.

Asia Innovation Training

This training is available in team training workshops and masterclasses in cities across Asia, including:

City Country City Country
Dhaka Bangladesh Incheon South Korea
Chittagong Bangladesh Busan South Korea
Yangon Burma Daegu South Korea
Phnom Penh, Cam Cambodia Ulsan South Korea
Jakarta Indonesia Daejeon South Korea
Bandung Indonesia Suwon South Korea
Seoul South Korea Colombo Sri Lanka
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia Bangkok Thailand
Petaling Jaya Malaysia Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam
Singapore Singapore Hanoi Vietnam
Hong Kong China Mumbai India
Tokyo Japan Banglore India
Kyoto Japan Delhi India
Osaka Japan Pune India
Kobe Japan Chennai India
Fukuoka Japan Hyderabad India
Nagoya Japan Ahmedabad India
Yokohama Japan Surat India
Hiroshima Japan Chennai India
Sapporo Japan Lucknow India
Nagasaki Japan Kanpur India
Jaipur India
Madurai India
Kolkata India

Note that for some of these cities, and regional locations, travel may be based on security / weather conditions at the time.

The Innovation Course ™ offers your organization training in the innovation process. This practical training focuses on implementing your ideas as innovation successfully inside organizations, and is based on a large number of case studies and group activities. The training is delivered to your team at a group price.

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Training workshops and masterclasses can be tailored to local and industry case studies, with regional, local and global case studies able to be integrated into each course. View the full list of 31 industry and community segments available here.